Health and Fitness Software informs site users that the data processed will be used exclusively for the purposes outlined below, and in order to keep the users informed of the innovations, promotions, competitions and all of Health and Fitness Software Limited activities in general.

Health and Fitness Software Limited will use the gathered data for:

The data may be gathered by electronic or hard copy means and shall in all instances be protected by adequate security systems and constantly updated and stored in a safe and controlled location.

In the event that Bodbod services or other services relating to physical activity are to be provided, the nature of the data gathered may be of a kind liable to reveal the state of health of the person whose personal data is being processed or any possible condition of disability (for example, the person in question may be required to provide indications concerning any particular illnesses from which he or she suffers).

Compulsory or optional nature of the conferment of the data and consequences of a possible refusal to provide said data.

It is not compulsory to provide personal details. The refusal on behalf of the person who is requested to provide the data does, however, make it impossible for Health and Fitness Software Limited to perform the services requested of it or to assess the information made available by the person concerned.

The providing of data for the purposes of research, selection and assessment of personnel is optional, however if the data required for said operations is missing or incomplete, this will make a complete assessment of any job request impossible.

Objects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated or that may become privy to the data owing to their being responsible for or entrusted with the processing of the data and its dissemination.

The personal data that will be provided by the users shall be known and used by Health and Fitness Software Limited employees and/or persons employed by agents branches for the sole purpose of fulfilling its activities which is the reason for the gathering of said data (for example, to execute sale or service provision contracts or the dispatching of a newsletter).

The data may be communicated to other controlling, controlled and/or affiliated companies of the Health and Fitness Software Limited group, within the European Union or in countries that do not belong to the Union, on condition that the regulations of the Country to which the data is being sent or through which it must pass ensure an adequate level of protection of persons.

The data may be communicated to authorised distributors of Health and Fitness Software Limited products, electronic communication service providers, banks, financial brokers, credit institutions, other financing bodies, managers of centralized information systems (risk management centres, fraud protection agencies, etc), insurances, consultants and free lance personnel that assist Health and Fitness Software Limited with debt collection and the handling of litigation, companies that perform packaging, shipping and delivery services of purchased items or that organize the delivery of mail or commercial information, research companies or institutions, non profit associations or foundations, companies or professionals involved in research, selection, assessment and placing of personnel, consultants in intellectual and industrial property rights.

Rights of the person whose personal data is being processed. Details of the person responsible for or entrusted with data processing. Method by which one may easily become privy to the list of persons responsible for the data processing

  1. obtaining the indication of the origin of the personal data, the purposes and means by which it is processed, the logic applied in the event that the processing is performed by electronic means; the details of the person or company responsible for processing, the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the data may be communicated or who may become privy to said data;
  2. obtaining the updating, modification or integration of the data, its cancellation, its transformation into an anonymous form or the blocking of data processed in violation of the law, including those whose storage is not necessary in relation to the aims for which the data has been collected or subsequently processed, the certification that the operations requested have been made known, even in relation to their content, to everyone to whom the data has been communicated or divulged, excepting the case in which the performance of this operation is either impossible or entails the deployment of means that are clearly disproportionate compared to the rights protected;
  3. the right to oppose the processing of personal data on legitimate grounds, even though said grounds be pertinent to the purpose of the data collection, or processing relating to the person concerned for the purposes of the dispatching of advertising material or direct sales or for the performance of market research or commercial communications.

At the time of publication of the contents of this site no one has yet been entrusted with the data processing. As soon as Health and Fitness Software Limited has to entrust someone with said role, the updated list of the persons responsible shall be consultable in a special section of the site that shall be indicated in this same section.

Disclaimer in relation to the industrial and intellectual property rights of HEALTH AND FITNESS SOFTWARE LIMITED

We also inform you that:

Journalists may use the information and photographic representations for editorial purposes only. After gaining full written consent from the Health and Fitness Software Limited owners.

Any use of the data, information, images, representations and texts for any promotional or commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.

In any case, the use of material belonging to Health and Fitness Limited must be approved by the Company.

Every violation of the above regulations shall give the site owner the right to take action with the appropriate bodies for the protection of its rights.